About Us

Opened in 2000, The Bank of Commerce is an independent, community bank providing a full range of personal and business banking services. These include checking, savings, money market accounts, IRAs, CDs, consumer loans, commercial loans, residential mortgage loans and cash management services for businesses.  Nothing has had a greater impact on the success of The Bank than the premise on which it was originally built:


There are a number of factors that may prompt a person or business to select one bank over another.  It may be the bank’s location, rates, products or familiar staff. However, as technology and the way the world transacts its banking business has evolved, many of these factors have equalized. So, with all else being relatively equal, what single factor will make one bank stand out from all the others?


At The Bank of Commerce, we believe it boils down to the small details, such as knowing our customers and their businesses; being prompt and thorough; living up to every commitment we make; and treating every customer as if that customer were the only customer.  In a phrase, we believe the factor which sets The Bank of Commerce apart from all others is our drive to do everything better.  This is the belief behind The Bank’s advertising tag line, “simply better.”


The Bank of Commerce has three, full-service banking locations -- two in Sarasota County and one in Manatee County at Lakewood Ranch. Find The Bank of Commerce location most convenient for you.

Board of Directors:  Cathy L. Layton, John K. Cannon, Charles O. Murphy, David J. Dillon